We are partnered with MidAmerican Energy & Alliant Energy to offer direct incentives off your invoice for qualified Air Conditioners & Furnaces. This incentive is provided back to you in the form of a credit and this web form is used to provide the necessary documentation to finalize and file your claim. This eliminates the consumer having to fill out paperwork and necessary documents that were required in the past. As part of your participation in this program you agree to complete this form for each rebate requested within the first 5 days of the month following the install or you will not receive any rebate. Republic will not honor any rebates where this form has not been completed in a timely fashion.

Please note: This form is only to be used for MidAmerican Energy & Alliant Energy Instant Incentives offered via Republic to qualified contractors for qualified products and while funds are available in the program. No claims by homeowners, end-users or others will be honored. If funds are depleted from the program then Republic reserves the right to dis-honor claims with no notice.


2024 Rebate amounts are loaded into the form below – rebates are available for installs from 1/1/24 – 12/31/24 while funds are available.

Please note: Rebates are subject to change per MidAmerican Energy & Alliant Energy Guidelines and funding in the program is not guaranteed.