The Gentry Shop is a Quad Cities staple providing the finest quality clothing, expert tailoring, and personalized service in 1948. The shop was thrilled to learn about how LED lighting from Republic could improve business and save thousands!

With new lights, customers have a better view of merchandise, making it more appealing. The installed lamps also give flexibility to move spotlights and highlight different displays.

Another benefit Gentry Shop received is decreased maintenance. LED lights have a much longer life than traditional lighting. The current lights will last approximately 10 years! Goodbye ladders!

Lastly, LED lighting is extremely efficient. The Gentry Shop will save $6,000 in energy costs every year. This significant savings will allow the business to offer lower prices, increase margins, or invest in other capital projects to grow further.

“Republic helped me save over $6,000 annually in energy costs. Plus, we have much better lighting and will not have to worry about changing a bulb for a decade.”

– Greg Kautz, Owner