Guardian Industries chose Republic to upgrade the high bay lighting in its warehouse and production facilities, and the results are stunning. The before and after photos speak for themselves.

The space has gone from a dull, dark, yellow hue to a bright white light that is inviting and energizing. The facility’s appearance has become a sense of pride within the company, but more important than the appearance are the performance improvements LED lighting has allowed. The space is safer than before, and Guardian experiences fewer accidents. Employees have become more productive and efficient with better visibility.


With Guardian’s previous lighting, utilities were straining fixed costs and hurting profit margin. Since upgrading, Guardian saves thousands of dollars on utilities each month, which has contributed to increased profitability. Massive energy rebates significantly reduced the initial cost of the project, and the lights will pay for themselves in a very short time.

Guardian was able to cut costs significantly while supporting a superior environment for safety and productivity.