Privacy Policy

At Republic Electric Company (“Republic”), your privacy is important to us. This statement sets out our
privacy pracBces with respect to the collecBon, use and disclosure of personal informaBon on this site.
Personal informaBon is informaBon that is personally idenBfiable to you. Personal informaBon may
include your name, e-mail address and mailing address. Visitors to this Web site are not requested to
reveal any personal informaBon. However, on a voluntary basis, you may provide and disclose personal
informaBon to us in using certain features of our site, such as the Careers secBon of this site. Republic
will never disclose, sell, or lease to any third party, any personal informaBon that you provide on this site
without your permission, unless we are required to do so by law.

If you have already requested to be part of a mailing list, you may cancel your profile by going back to the
secBon where you created that request or by contacBng us using the informaBon provided at the end of
this privacy statement. If you have previously provided us with personal informaBon and wish to verify it
or have the informaBon removed from our records or corrected, please contact us using the informaBon
provided at the end of this privacy statement.

Your personal informaBon is treated as private, confidenBal informaBon by Republic, and we strive to
ensure that your personal informaBon is protected at all Bmes. To maintain the confidenBality of your
personal informaBon, this informaBon is kept in a secure environment by Republic. However, even
though Republic has implemented methods designed to ensure the protecBon of your personal
informaBon that are considered to be effecBve, we cannot guarantee that such informaBon will not be
lost, used unlawfully or modified in a fraudulent manner since no data transmission over the Internet can
be guaranteed to be completely confidenBal. Consequently, we bear no liability for the use that may be
made of the informaBon by you or any third party.

If you submit an e-mail inquiry to this site, any personal informaBon you might submit at the same Bme
will only be used by Republic employees who need to have access to it in order to respond to your

Republic reserves the right to change this privacy statement as it sees fit and without prior noBce.
However, we will ensure that any change to this statement is in compliance with privacy laws in effect in
the United States of America and is posted on this page.

Republic occasionally uses Google, Facebook, AdRoll or other display adverBsing networks to collect
visitor data on our site and then serve targeted display ads to you on other sites. Our partners use
technology such as cookies and web beacons to collect this data.

This site may contain links that take you to other Web sites. This privacy statement does not extend to
the data collecBon pracBces of third parBes and Republic does not assume any responsibility for the
privacy pracBces, policies, or acBons of third parBes.

For any quesBons related to the protecBon of personal informaBon, please contact the InformaBon
Technology Director the Republic Electric Company at [email protected] or by phone at 563-322-6204.